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Tarot Card Guide

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What is a Tarot Card?

Tarot cards are cards that you can wear to give your characters certain enhancements. When worn, they go onto this spot of your character page:

Because of that they can not be used with Amulets of Attack or Defence (or anything else that goes in that spot). Tarot Cards last for 3 hours from the time you open it whether you wear it or not, even if you log out, so don't open it unless you're going to be playing for at least 3 continuous hours or you don't mind wasting whatever you don't use of the card.

Where do I get Tarot Cards?

Besides buying from other players, there are only two ways of getting Tarot cards.

One is from Nosmall random boxes. Open one and you may be (un)lucky enough to get one (or two depending on the random box) Tarot Card Game(s). Each Tarot Card Game item yields 5 random Tarot cards when opened.

The other way is by visiting Fortune-Teller Nuki In Desert Eagle City (Act5 maps) and accepting his quest.

Here is a list of all the Tarot cards in the game and what they do:

  • The Fool: Movement speed + 1, Gold drop rate+ 10%.
  • The Magician: Reduced MP Consumption 20% (including magic), Resist to all elements + 3, Max MP + 2500
  • The Lovers: Max. HP + 2000, Max. MP + 2000, Attack + 50
  • The Hermit: Defence + 100, Max. HP + 800, Resist to all elements + 3
  • Death: Hit Chance + 150, Attack + 150
  • The Tower: Experience Gain + 10%, Gold Drop Rate + 10%
  • The Star: Experience Gain + 15%, Movement Speed + 1
  • The Moon: Max. MP + 1500, Attack + 50, Defence + 50
  • The Sun: Movement Speed + 1, Attack + 250, Max. MP + 800
  • The Devil: Movement Speed + 1, Attack + 250, Max. HP + 800

Taken from Arch Mage


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