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Post  Guest on Mon Jan 23, 2012 2:31 am

"Why do I keep dying? Am I a noob?"
Hi there!
You're asking yourself this question, right? ^^

I thought so...

Here's your "pain in the ass" problem. (Most people over look and suddenly you get a 43k crit hit in fc.)
and you're like "HACKER!! f*ck youuu" *RAGEQUIT* (Here's why... :3)

1. Check your res. Are you wearing 100% res? [] yes silence I was ^^
2. Is my accesories the shit ones I robbed/looted from LOD[] no silence I got 78+accessories
3. Is my armor awesome or is it time to upgrade? [] its awesome armor r7+8!
4. What build is my SP? [] is got ton of hp *-* its super powerful honest
5. Have you thought of using a Tarot Card [] yup, wearing it now o.o
6. Did you have buffs on. (morale and holy buffs maybe sader if your a good puppy) [] yap! all buffs :O
7. Does your armor shell have damage reduction or long range damage reduction?. [] yup super awesome shell r7[/list]

Then you shouldnt get a 43k hit crit (All them reduce your chance of crits, elements, bugged attacks,)

If you answered any of these with "Hmm I need to get these.." and you're clueless what to get for your level
or lack the knowledge of such wonder. Here's a quick basic checklist.(standards)

  • Res 80-100%
    (Don't forget your SP,masks and clothes may offer res too!)
    (I'd reccomend investing in 6sum. Its worth it. I promise.)

  • Accesories.
    78+ have to be made. The rudis and the kedel accesories are currently the best for high level players
    These res should have:
    (Crit damage reduce 18%+ )
    (HP recovery 200 HP +)
    The other stuff isn't important.

  • Armor.
    r5+ is okay (I'd reccomend r6 cos its cheaper than r7 you just can't use r7 shells. Which sucks Dx)
    +7 to +8 for FC (You need this because it dramatically reduces damge and hits.)

  • SP build (This is soooo disputable, I can't tell you what to make. Try to match it up with your SL stat shells )

  • Tarots mainly deliver damge. Some have a nice res though. o.o Pick and choose wisely :3

  • Buffs. If you're a holy, dont be selfish. Buff your allies, Same with warriors, unless someone else has buffed and you're retarded and overbuff em >_> ik who you are. *points and evil stares* -_O

  • Shells for armor again *sigh*
    Basically you need damge reduction on your shells. It's usually better in PVP shells. Half shells are shit, keep with perfect and pvp shells.

All is good and you still die?

Then my friend find yourself an ally or team mate and cheat ~ If they do ridiculous damage, then you must pot, snack, heal, send your pets in first, lure em, just dont die! If you ally dies WOF to them when they go into the pack
spam a shock or confuse aoe and go crazy on a killin spree! ^_^

If that doesn't work, you're still looking around like.. "am i noob?" Then my friend you are beyond noob. I'd recommend goin back to school or playin chess. ^_^

pce xXx

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