FC Pointing Guide 2.0

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FC Pointing Guide 2.0

Post  bravious on Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:47 am

Khalymr's FC Pointing Guide [Self Update] No need to thank me.
As you all probably know Khalymr has made an FC Pointing guide, many people like myself have had problems understanding this, so I've written this to explain for him so you won't have to ask him in Nostale.

These are your sandboxie accounts you will need for collecting points.
You will need 1 Angel account preferably a low level that you have atleast got to a class like archer/mage/swordsman. Note : Keep the low level weapons such as beginner bow/sword/wand as it is needed on the account).
And 1  adventurer account that is 10 levels lower then your Angel account.
So say if my Angel account is level 19, I would need my Devil account to be a level 10 adventurer because pointing works best this way.
Next what you need is a high level mage (In Khalymr's guide he recommended a level 75 mage with Aura, I would recommend you also + skill the aura at Calvin Coach), you will need a high level mage to Aura the devil account and I'll explain why in this next bit.
-The Method-

Ok, here comes the tricky part, what your gonna have to do, is move your Angel to a private location that not many users use, you would want to move it in a private location so people don't kill your angel, also it's useful moving it somewhere in the devil side cause if you had it in the angel side, you would have to move yourself and your Devil adventurer to the angel side which would be messy.
After you have got to a secret location on the devil side, bring your Angel and Devil and mage there.
What you would need to do is make your Angel hit your Devil, this grants 100 points to the Devil and a party member per hit, so the account you want points should party your alt account getting hit by the angel.
The mage is needed because your devil alt won't be able to survive without it, so you'd need your high level and + skilled aura mage to spam it's aura on the devil so it doesn't die and have to come back to the hiding spot.
Using this method you can point up 1-2 people at a time aslong as they're partied up with the Devil alt getting hit.
Your Angel alt hitting the devil alt will need it's beginner equipment as that is the lowest damage you can get and if you don't equip it with a weapon, you wont get points.
I hope this guide helped you and should take the rest off Khal's shoulders. Have fun pointing.

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