A Trolling Entertainment Guide

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A Trolling Entertainment Guide

Post  Guest on Mon Jan 23, 2012 2:51 am

Feeling bored? Lost the vision for fun on Nostale?
Here's what I do when I get like that Very Happy

  • Go an SP I rarely use. (JAJA, chicken, pj) in a Raid. Get buffs and lure a huge a fkin mob. :3 and spam alt E.
  • Same goes for LOD; I go (jaja, pirate, chicken, pj) and lure a huge mob! Just for funsies ! (Then change SP and destroy 'em)
  • Bug the hell out of low levels (REVENGE!) Example 10k gold please alt+L. Jus copy 'em. Take off all your equip and spam alt X and Z and say 9k gold please. It's funsies when they hate on u ^_^)
  • Go on a killing spree in IC with your level low and power sp! (*-* so much fun u wouldn't believe!)
  • Make a low level and talk to your ''friends'' on nostale. Find out who is nice and who's a genuine prick ^_^
  • Pretend you're not english if people whisper you. ''Me hablo nuu engrish soowwii essé'' ^.~
  • Go arena, get naked and pull and voke people, run like hell XDD or hit em with a weak weapon or freeze em :3 XD
  • Go map exploring and kick the hell out of the cursed monsters on every friggin map *-* passes like 1hr (we did it in Voice family killed everythin on map ^^ was fun.)
  • Pretend you're selling something awesome and block your whispers! (Only did this once. Made soo many people pissed off <3)
  • If you're a guy. Just annoy the trannies and girls Very Happy If your a girl or tranny don't annoy guys. (They will think you're playing hard to get xDD)

haz fun!!
pce xXx

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Re: A Trolling Entertainment Guide

Post  bloodyducklin on Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:06 am

me n my friend cassy used to go into krem (jaja sp) see nubs go invis and use minis next to hives fun for hours ^^


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