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Land Of Death

Post  bloodyducklin on Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:21 pm

1. – FOS will be supplied by keepers deputys or the head.
2. – The only people who can loot fos are keepers, deputys and the head (or appointed leader), if you loot one by mistake, please drop it for us.
3. – Like FOS, res can only be looted by the lod leader, that will store it in fam warehouse after the lod. we sell res to make full potions for lurers.
4. – Make sure you buy pet dolls and partner dolls.
5.– YOU MUST BRING POTS TO LOD, because mages do not have to go holy in lod, so dont pressure them.
6. – Only 1 wk per party, unless the are not many people in lod and it is needed.
7. – The max number of people in lod is 9, and try to be in lod 15 minutes before Dark Horn.
8.– Once DH starts try not to leave, if you need to go just say.
9.– No AFK in LOD, quick BRBs are allowed as long as you are quick.
10.– If you are lvl90+ you cant use attack pots or boosters unless the lod keeper says so.
11.- keep up with the lurer, Dont rush the mobs.
12.- You're only allowed to loot if you bring pets and pet dolls.
13.-  no spots are saved in lod, 1st come 1st served once 9 are in lod no more to come.
14.- regarding alts in lod, they only join lod if their is space and the parties have been made fairly.

Try and help people out, if you have time and people need bodies in lod gooooo and help them level. were a family =3
Thanks for reading and have fun leveling =D


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