General rules about shinobi

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General rules about shinobi

Post  bloodyducklin on Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:11 pm

Hi! Welcome back to Shinobi ^_^

just a general statement about the rules in family chat

English only in fam chat please! if you want to speak in a different language whisper them please,
as many of us only speak english its kinda rude to only include certain people into your conversation.

Treat people how you would want to be spoken to. Respect works both ways, never forget that.

If someone needs help and you have spare time, lend them a hand ^^

Family chat it says in the fam whatever someone says does not go out of the fam or its an automatic kick.
we've had it happen once before and some people got muted dont want it happening again!

try not to spam fam chat with "SELLING LVL 85 EQ PM MEEEEEEEEEEEE<3333333333333333" fam chat
is for fun not listenin to people say the same thing over and over, its oki if u say it once if u get no reply...
no one wants ur stuff simple right?

we dont help Machi, Harmony or mirage. we dont dispute if you're friends with some in the family's listed just please dont help them in arena.

on the arena note, try not to make family wars. too much trouble is caused from arena.

We also do NOT gank family members, any who do will be issued a warning.

remember, its a game were here to have fun ^^


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