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Multi accounting

Post  Guest on Wed Oct 31, 2012 7:46 am

I finally wrote a guide about something that I like. <3

I will try explaining why multi accounting is really good at long term.

As a short introduction, I (Anne) was a mage at global server and very fed up about mages being so slow walking class - no vehicles about that time. The way to stop using fast shoes was using a nub ranger to keep me under permanent ww. And that was the beginning only. I learned a lot of things about multi accounting after that.

So, let's start.

What is multi accounting?

Multi accounting is playing using more than 1 account at same time.

In the past, multi accounting was banable at Nostale UK/Europe. Ok, I was not here.

However, nowadays multi accounting is permitted but not supported. Since they permit it now, I really doubt they will change it back to banable bad behaviour.

How to multi account

First of all, you need to create the accounts. I used 3 different emails, but looks like you can use only one. Not a great problem.

After accounts created, you need to register yourself to do IP sharing. You dont have obligation to do that, but it is a way to keep you safe. Basically, in some countries, people play games at lan houses/internet cafes. So, if one person makes something wrong (hack/scam), all people that uses that internet cafe can get banned. I dont see how this affect someone multi accounting from home, but it is just a few minutes to do it, so better registering yourself.

When you send a form asking to register your accounts under same IP, they request some explanation. Mine was I have an archer, I wanted a mage and third account to storage crap stuff like gillions, pots and sands. You dont need a very long and boring explanation. It is more to say all 3 accounts are mine and I am not sharing with anyone else (sharing accounts is banable). So, if 2 accounts at same IP and 3rd in a different one, probably I have got hacked. Registering my accounts is for my own security.

How to play using more than one account

There are 3 basic ways:

1- Having more than 1 PC
2- Using web browser to play nostale
3- Using sandboxie

Some people are pro enough to play using 2 PCs/Laptop. I am not. So, I can not explain it.

Using web browser is horrible, lags a lot. But it is an option if you barelly move your char. For example, if you leave a char as shop in PSA, it doesnt matter if lags.

For real game playing, sandboxie is the best option in my opinion. To run 2 accounts, sandboxie is free. To run 3 accounts, you need to pay for it. You can find tutorials at forum, or at I was not the one that installed sandboxie in my PC, so please use the guides at the official nostale forums. Remember that content in each language forum is different, so it is a good idea having a look at other communities. If you dont speak other languages, you can use google translator. It is not fantastic, but helps. And nostale UK has not so much forum content as french or german ones.

From now on, I will explain the accounting considering you are using sandboxie. Some people have problems instaling it, so have patience.

If you read nostale UK forum, GMs say they tolerate sandboxie, but not support it. They say things like they are not responsible if you lose stuff. I play this game for 5 years. People just lose stuff if hacked or doing something stupid - or both. So, why GMs say that? In my opinion, it is only to avoid hundreds of nubs asking them to solve problems to instal and configure sandboxie. Better not supporting sandboxie for their point of view, since they are not help desk of a third party software. Supporting windows problems is already a problem to work with, no reason
to get more headaches. Well, my brother installed my sandboxie, so if you can not do it yourself, try getting help elsewhere.

Problems using sandboxie

Besides technical problems, there are some problems:
1- If your internet connection is not good enough, sometimes hell laggy.
2- If you put all chars at town ch1, you will have lag.
3- At begining, you will mess around until learning how to use 2-3 nostales at same time. Experience solves that.
4- If you are used to play nostale at full screen, you can get some random graphical errors. And sometimes is sort of tricky using alt-Tab to keep changing from one account to another. I play using windowed Nostale (not full screen). So you can not just play using 2 or more accounts, you can watch TV or go to any website while training a pet or waiting for a raid, for example.

There are other minor problems, but you can sort them out if they come out.

What is the point in multi accounting?

At begining, there are just headaches. Make accounts, instal sandboxie, configure PC
and leech your brand new nub accounts.

At long term, it is very profitable and improves this game. If you are playing 1-2 hs per day, you can start receiving benefits after 1 month.

Which classes in each account?

Wiser option is having only same class in each account. So, one account only archers, another only mages, the way that you prefer. If you are making a 3rd account, it can be mixed, since it is more like a filler account. You will understand this after.

Using same class at same account helps you to transfer SPs using warehouse. Even if people wants to share nosmal fairies, having classes separated per account is better in the long run. And even if you multiaccount, you will have a preferred class, 2 at maximum. So, other accounts will be to support you/fill party up.

Parties at nostale are limited to 3 chars. So, no great reason to use more than 3 accounts.

As everyone should understand, leveling up at nostale is very WK based, specially LoD.

So, if you have 2 accounts, one MUST be archer. If you have Sword+Mage, you will need a WK all the time to leech you at LoD.

My opinion is:
1st account Archer -> 2nd Mage -> 3rd Archer/Sword
1st account Mage -> 2nd Archer -> 3rd Archer/Sword/Mage
1st account Sword -> 2nd Archer -> 3rd Archer/Mage

I will explain after why that. If you understand group buffs/TSes, it is sort of obvious. But you can have 3 archer accounts too.

Leveling up nubs and LoD

I guess everyone knows, you need to be at least clvl 55 to enter LoD.

So, how to raise my brand new nubs?
My answer is farming, profitable and does the job.

If you can farm at act 3, nubs will level up fast. You just need to park them in a safe spot at same map.

First target clvl should be 45. Why?

Swords can get warrior SP and buff you morale. Morale is based in the char the receives buff clvl, not in the caster clvl. So, a war clvl 46 can buff a char 90 with +90 morale - nostale changed that, it was caster lvl in the past.

Mages can get HM. As you get both HM debuffs+aura+shield, it will be an improvement. HM+normal mage buffs are clvl based, so keeping leveling mage up is a good idea.

Archers can have ranger (WW and Hawk buffs) and sin. If your archer is just for support, sin and ranger will not need more than jlvl 16/18.

And all classes can open TS 45-55, If you want to make some gold and rep.

When you reach LoD level or more (55+), you already know about WKs in LoDs. Even if your WK is low level (equips mainly), they will rise up fast enough without extra helping. And you can start leeching your non maxed SPs at other accounts.

If you are already an archer, a second archer can be used to leech your main account SPs (slow) or you can leech the SPs at your second archer (fast). Even for an archer it is good idea having another archer for LoD purposes.

Classes to support you

Mage- Normal is always good for buff, HM even better, and you can have both at same time. Sometimes, RM buff is good too. I believe there is not lots of things to argue here.

Sword- War only, for morale. You can have sader buffs, for example, but morale is cheap and not level based. Of course, sometimes sader buffs are much better than morale. It is up to you making a good sword or just having a cheap war for morale.

Archer- Ranger is really great for WW+hawk. That helps a lot. Mages will be very pleased having WW (fast cooldown, you can use at mage and pet). WK for buffs looks strange, but I have that. It is not great to farm, since WK is best farming SP - no need for same buffs. But for pvp/fc, having your own WK buffs is nice.

Sin is not exactly a support class. But, in a 3 chars party, it is really good. You can use your own sin to move around at FC, for example. Use it to downsing. I really enjoy using sin for time rooms, like Crisos, Trikung and TS73. It saves time.

Basic Strategies

Multi buffing

The very basic multibuffing is putting chars at one of them miniland, using instant miniland teleport, rebuffing and going back. HM+Aura+Morale, for example, makes you much better tank. The mob at 5.1 that was impossible to handle, is much easier using multi buffs. You can change buffs according to your char/SPs and places where you are farming.

Infinite free teleport

If you get married to one of your chars at other account, you will have free teleports and small extra boost (5% exp) - it is not a lot, but permanent and free. Since you will have 1 return in each char and the free teleporting, you can move around in a fast and versatile way.

For example, if angels are blocking your way to raid at fc, you can just get killed and move as seal. When close 30s gone, second char teleports to first char, get killed and keep moving. Die again, teleport and move to the raid spot. Demands some training, but nothing so difficult.

Another great use of free teleport: most people farm staying at same spot or doing a circular path, to come back when mobs respawn. If you use free teleport, any place is good to farm. For example, leeches at stream mine. You can leave one char at map entrance, walk/mob and kill through the map. When buffs over or if you know first mobs respawning, teleport back to your char at entrance and do the line again. If the char at entrance is HM/normal mage, and your equips/res not horrible, you will not even need to sit to recover.

You can as well kill mobs at opposite sides (semi circular path) like in TS74 map. Mage kills just a few in a block, and other char mob at sides. The limit to mob is your own skills. You can clean a map using 1, 2 or 3 chars at same time, going back to rebuff from time to time.


TS73 using 2 or 3 chars is easy, even if only 1 char has good equips. For example, your blade is good, mage and sin in bad condition. You can clean all rooms using blade, and mage as pet for permanent aura. When you enter at left side time room, put you sin hided at right side time room. You will have time to clean one time room, RB, go to the other time room, clean mobs and finish all TS in like 7-8mins. Not so great as 5 mins run? But you are getting triple rewards, you dont
need to wait for party and can do like 3-4 runs, get bored and go afk. No obligation to do at least 1h spam TS73 without leaving party and feeling bad about others.

Crisos is sort of different. You must clean all 3 first rooms, using mage as pet helps a lot due to permanent buffs (permanent aura rocks). To do the first time room, you can put sin and forget about it - lazy or not strong enough. You can even put sin at boss room and relogging, time room will still runing and you will receive Rep and gold, even doing nothing at boss room - if you are waiting till boss room timer to be over.

Trikung is when main char+mage+sin shines. Move sin to time room at bottom and just remember to hide again because it is a 5m30s room. While sin sleeping there, you have time enough to clean all other rooms using the combo main char+mage. At boss room, you can chose your strategy, 3 chars attacking, only main char and permanent aura or HM healing pet, or even main char+Red mage to kill trikung faster.

You can discover your own strategies doing different TSes, according to your chars. But, as you can see, you will have lots of possibilities.

Recovering dignity

You can use nosmal to recover dignity, sometimes crisos. But, if you are using 3 chars, why not sound flowers? Ah, they give crap reward in gold. But it will be TRIPLE crap reward. If Crisos gets easier using 3 chars, soundflowers are easier and gold not so low. Just grab any sound flower, do full buff and move any map to kill mobs. When you are done, just teleport back for free. Only works if chars above 70, otherwise not receiving soundflowers at all chars in party.

FC Strategy

Nothing worse than getting caught at low HP by some stupid high level teleporting and doing AOEs. Yes, that is me! Well, not only me.

Since you know exactly where your sin or seal char is, you can control when and where teleport. If you are under party, and your dead chars/seals there, all get lots of points. Sometimes is sort of suicide, but still good for points. Keeping one char at safe spot and teleporting back to stay alive and rebuff still good strategy. More than that, you can keep your sin hidden in a corner, and just appear and go rampage.

As you play, you will find what is better to do, or more suitable to your gameplay. But killing close dead people still funny.

Act 5.2
When you get higher level (90+), act 5.2 is good for exp. Even if your other 2 chars below 90, you can keep them there to buff you and get leeched. And you will just need oil at main char. For example, you can have a clvl 85 sader attacking from behind, having only 1 HP. So, unbeatable monsters from before can be farmable. It is more about how you can handle monsters.


This does not work so fine for IC 80+. But it is really good for other ICs. You can just afk in all 3 accounts, or afk in 2 and play for real in one IC, they way that you prefer. Keep all chars at same party and you will know if your afk chars are dying. It is good for free gold and rep. And you can do IC 80+ at higher level char and afk at other ICs.


Another good use of multiaccounting. While waiting 30 mins to some raid start, you can use other chars to keep farming, to play minigames or even do raids. You can do simultaneous raids, or maybe 2 chars at same raid. If you have 2 chars at same raid and you are not leader, please be sure that you are not lame using 2 chars at same time. Or ask leader if you can add your nub at raid. Sometimes people need something like des or zerk to buff only, and you dont need to be that active at raid to do debuff only. Just be wise to avoid making people fed up. It is easy to find raid leaders adding their own nubs at raid, at least the extra box pay costs like seals and summoning stones.

FC Raids

Sin is amazing for that. You just keep it hide at boss entrance and go in when it is close finished. Besides that, using normal mage to keep permanent aura is somehow easy to manage, or even HM to keep healing yourself. It is more about how many ppl doing FC raid and if you need some extra support. If your extra chars are low level, better using them only at easier raids (dark and fire), or you can get messed up.

Multiple returning spots/storage

If you have 3 accounts, you can hold up to 9 chars. Even lvl 1 chars are good when multi accounting. You can use them as storage for cheap things. And each one can hold a different returning point. You just need to log into that char with the returning you wish to use, put it at party and share returning. Or wof to it. If you can not remember which char has which spot, just put a nickname that makes you remember. Like lvl 1 char called LoDentrance, or lvl 1 char called AngelsSide (to check FC), or lvl 1 char called ThievesSeals. You can use the nickname to remember what is stored inside that char too, like Gillioner, SandsRMe or whatever else.

Multi luring

Something that really improves your efficiency. You can use HM to lure from one side, and warrior from other side, and WK waiting at some spot. When mage and sword meets WK, you can voke and unleash all WK AOEs. Start at easier monsters, after sometime you will be doing that against thieves at 5.1. Some people use 2 or 3 WKs for that, so you can kill faster.
If you didnt notice yet, you can do RB lod solo multiaccounting, and I am talking about 3 chars 7x. Multi luring demands some training, but you will learn at some point. Very basic LoD RB solo: HM+WK+Warrior. Use HM+shield to walk and mob. Keep War a bit in front of WK, and wait for HM be back. When HM and War at same spot, voke, final HM (to avoid getting blind at WK) and do all WK AOEs (snake, final, walk closer, ivy, circle, snake). Since you are ultra buffed (HM+morale+wk buffs), you will probably survive and kill all RBs. At higher levels, maybe better using sader to buff and charge WK, and using sader final to protect your WK. If your chars too weak, probably one of them dying when mobbing. Dont worry about that, you will get foses enough from RBs.

Shadow/chicken luring

You will find some monsters easy to mob, but your char can not stand and afford hits, specially a low level war. One way to manage that is luring as war and, when close to WK, you can voke and teleport to other char's miniland. So, you can use other char(s) to kill the mob while keeping sword alive.
There is a trick here. Dignity is only to buy stuff from NPC and use pet. If your char has no pet, it can die a lot. If it is married to your other char, you can die and wof back. If you have 3 chars, and one can not buy from NPCs, you still having 2 chars able to do that (without the price extra charge).
Playing full potential using 2 chars demands training. For 3 chars, you need to be pro, and I am not pro enough for that. But due to so many options, you will find one comfortable for your level/equips/skills. Anyway, farming is boring. Using more chars does not make it only more profitable/faster. Adds some challenge to something very mechanical.

Why multiaccounting?
I am asking again and I hope the answer is clearer. At long term, multiaccounting allows you to get more gold, fight better and deal with problems even if your equips are far from good enough. You will need to get used to a more intense gameplaying, but what looks like madness at beginning will be piece of cake after some time.

If you are not intending to play for a long time, it is not worth of time. But if you are 85+, or have intention to keep playing nostale, it is something to think about.

I forgot lots of things, I will update this guide if I remember.


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Re: Multi accounting

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thanks alot nez your post helped me alot and made me realize what i can actually do with my time now <3

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