Money Making Guide for 80-89

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Money Making Guide for 80-89

Post  bravious on Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:35 am

Money Making Guide for 80-89

So many of you cba to get to get to 90 and still want money, yeah me in a nutshell Sleep
Well luckily 90's aren't the only one's who can make a profit, us 80's can too, just less then what they get.

- Method 1 -

Fishing, fishing is a great way to earn money as you can fish for people and earn money, I would suggest 20x3 is best as people pay about 200-400k for ,20x3 fishing and you'll get mackerels out of it! With the pay that you earn you can use it to buy the materials needed to make fps such as Huge Recovery pots (can be obtained in ic and is best since Huge pots drain your reward money for fishing), Magic Potions (200 gold each, you'll need 20 for 1 production of 10 FPS)

Bottles cost 500 gold each and you'll need 20 for 1 production of FPS.

I would also advise you have a production shell which is atleast above 50% to work, without this shell you would be getting 2 mackerels instead of 3, and 3 is needed to produce 1 set of FPS.

(NOTE) This guide is unfinished.


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