(EX)Zak's Absence

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(EX)Zak's Absence

Post  EXonestar on Wed Nov 19, 2014 1:13 am

Hi ;D *Coughs*

Ok Loooooooong story short.

I had to take a break from nostale because I had to Co-Ordinate an Event and Work for a period of time.
After the Event was done there was the resting period .....Too tired to do anything
After the Resting period I had to apply for a job that took so much time that I was running around everywhere (not as bad as it sounds dw~)

After and whiles still doing that > I had to have an Operation done to my Nose /Synus basically my face.
Operation was a success ~ (Huzzah!) but I'm getting nose bleeds 24/7 (I'm not a Perv !) But that's normal cus they had to really clean / scrap out the synus i had - that was effecting me since I was younger.

It was the main reason why I had horrible hay fever / colds and Migraines that caused me extreme pain.

I'm fine. I'm recovering. I miss you guys. Love yah loves. I'll return soon .You can't get rid of me that easily.

I use my twitter everyday and I appear Offline on skype all the time (Suzy knows me well xD)
@ZakOnestar ~ zakyboi Skye (When adding me on skype, please leave a msg so i know who you are or I will not add ;O )

Ok ....back to taking drugs and feeling faded as I recover ! *Faint* <3 Cya'Soon Shinobian's~

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