How to make points in fc

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How to make points in fc

Post  Guest on Wed Oct 08, 2014 3:39 am

So here's a guide to help you all make yourself points in fc for raids.

there are a few options which I'll put 3 only:

1. Go to fc and kill angels or mob basilisks/penguins (takes a while to build decent amount of points)

2. Sp7 raid aka Caligor. 5 possible raids within a week. The main point is actually kill the boss but noone cares. So try to get in a pt with someone that can spawn kill angels (Khalmyr, +Said+, tserik, EXzak and some other ppl which I don't recall name now). IF BY ANY CHANCE (and it happens a lot) ANGELS ARE DOMINATING DEVILS SPAWN POINT LEAVE THE RAID!! WHY? you don't get reward and you only contribute to give angels what they want(nice score, contribution points and easy huge amount of reputation that they really should work harder for it)

3 This part is what actually matters. Points in fc are given when you hit or are hit by an enemy. The amounts vary but if an enemy that hits you is 10 levels above you, you're rewarded 100 points. So how can we use this to our advantage? We can create our own enemies!! Very Happy

To use this you must be able to run 4 accounts at once with your computer. And have sandboxie version 3.442 of course. You can download it at SANDBOXIE IS FREE USE FOR 1 ACC, ASK ME KEY FOR SANDBOXIE AND RUN 2+ ACCS

If you have a mage alt lv 75+,  you have the perfect set up. You'll then need:

- one noob devil at lv 23 (default equips)
- one noob angel at lv 33 (best to use is swordy class with default equips)
- then place them in a map which there isn't much activity (normally the northern ice deserts are used for this)
- you can then form a group with the ones you want points with that noob lv 23
- put the angel lv 33 to hit that lv 23 ( you can add up to 4 angels hitting at once)
- keep lv 23 in your pt with aura
- enjoy your c̶a̶k̶e̶ points

with 3 angels hitting the noob lv 23 it takes you 1,5 min to get 10k points, fast and easy.

if you do not have a mage lv 75+, that noob lv 23 can be a mage and aura itself but you'll need the support of snacks to help healing up(in this case I do not recommend more than 2 hitters)

Reminder: the ones being leeched points can be anywhere in fc...even in the raid map so do not bother moving everyone to the same map...just the ones you need there

Reminder2: many ppl in community is using this to farm themselves points (or now sp7 which is more fun), so if you're in northern ice desert and see others farming points to not disturb them, because I'm sure you wouldn't like to be interrupted either.

If it wasn't clear enough you can always ask me in game. Khalmyr


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